Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Inferno, Gates Mills, OH

This was another fun project where I was given cart blanche to be creative. We spent another summer here as well. There were some very challenging areas to get lighting in and on (like the rock walls and waterfalls), but we worked closely with Landmark Construction, who installed all the walls and falls & pools. I used the Leviton Toscana to control the lights.

Small Meadow, Kirtland Hills, OH

This is part of the historic Hanna Summer Estate. There are (2) primary residences on the property as well as a pool house. The estate has a very old world feel to it as you stroll through the court yards and look at the fountains & architecture. We spent an entire summer on the project and it was one of the first where I was given creative license. It was very exciting and satisfying! I used the Leviton Toscana to control scenes & areas. I also had the opportunity to work on the original Carriage House at Hanna's Bratenahl Estate, but more on that in a different post.

Monday, January 21, 2008

JB Residence, Interior Lighting

I installed the transformers in the attic and then ran low voltage wire to all the locations. I love low voltage recessed lighting because of the adjustable aperature. It gives you the abilty to lay out a pattern but then aim the light where you want it and install the best MR-16 bulb for the specific purpose,(narrow spot, flood, etc.)

Sullivan Residence-The Settings of Black Mountain, NC

I love lighting Craftsman architecture, they are very special homes on the American landscape. I used Vista lights on this project and installed a Leviton Toscana to control & create scenes.

Borkey Residence, Kirtland Hills, OH

We removed all of the old broken post lamps and installed moon lighting in the trees to light the drive. There were also some line voltage path lights that were also removed and we then accented the house & trees, especially the arches and piers. The goal was to bring the home to life at night but yet do it in a way that could be controlled ,so that you could experience the whole property or just a specific tree or accent.

We spent close to a month in the trees installing moon lighting to bring the backyard to life. I used the Leviton Toscana to control the lights and create scenes & areas. All the lights we used were Kichler. I also installed a ton of low voltage lights on the inside, that will be in a new post.