Monday, May 18, 2009

M&M S. Residence, Historic Naples FL.

This was my first tropical project and one that required copper fixtures. I used Vista, which I was quite pleased with the quality. As far as controls, I just used a digital timer and synced the other transformers to it. I loved the architecture of this home, especially the arbor. I used stems to bring the fixtures out to shine back on the flowers, getting the dormers lit was important as well, and a little challenging. The use of the copper fixtures meant handling all the components with gloves, so the fixtures would patina evenly. This added time as most of the lights have intricate parts, but the result was well worth it, the lights are gorgous! Other than the former police dog that was now the clients pet(seen here with my children) the project was a great one, and being within walking distance to the beach didn't hurt either!!

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